Forkland Abraham Lincoln Museum

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Many old photographs have been donated to the Forkland Abraham Lincoln Museum over the years, some of which are unidentified.  We are putting some of these images on this site hoping that visitors to the web site may be able to help us identify them.  If you see anything you recognize (people, buildings, locations, even animals), please notify the webmaster by e-mail and let us know who or where these images were taken.  We have put numbers by the images to make it easier for you to tell us which image you are identifying.  If more than one person is in the photograph, please identify the person as # 1, 2, 3, etc. from the (left or right).  Thank you for your help and interest.










#10 -- This image was found recently in Louisville, KY; all we know is that the name is C. H. Sparrow.  We do not know what C. H. stands for.